Duks FAQ

  • Why is there duks system?
    • There is unfortunately no economy in the F-klub to hire staff to cope with the weekly practical tasks. For this reason there is a duks system in which third and fourth semester students in F-klub take turns to do the task.
  • What does it mean to be duks / what is the duks group assignments?
    • The tasks of the duks are described in Duksemail.
  • We've all deleted / moved Duksemail, is there a place where we can watch it again?
  • Where can we find a key to Thorshavn?
    • See key list here on the page, or sign in front of Thorshavn. If there is absolutely no keys available, ask the buildingofficers in 0.1 .91 whether they will unlock for you.
  • What do we do when we have taken the last [insert prdoukt] in Thorshavn?
    • Deliveries of beverages occurs every Wednesday, but tell a TREO member of the lack of products or send an email to TREO'en.
  • We have already been duks, why should we be it again?
    • The students are typically so few that a single group often must be duks group two to three times. If you think there has been a mistake, please write to TREO'en.
  • Where are the bags to put in the containers to returnable bottles?
    • The bags are usually located inside one container. If they are not there, there are extra bags on the shelves in Thorshavn.
  • Where do filled bags of returnable bottles go?
    • They should be placed in Thorshavn where there is space, without blocking the entrance.
  • There is no room for a whole box [insert product here] in Strandvejen, is it okay that there are a half-empty boxes in Thorshavn?
    • Yes. But there must be as few mixed and half-empty boxes in Thorshavn as possible, as these complicate counts. However, it should not be an obstacle to replenish the refrigerators.
  • Should we acceptsupplies of soda and beer?
    • No, the TREO'en does this for you.
  • Should we order sodas and beer home?
    • No, the TREO has this responsibility.
  • How often should refrigerators be filled?
    • When there is a need for it. This means that / / at least / / examine and replenish the refrigerators once a day. Try to be predictive - make sure there is enough beer before Friday afternoon and enough cocoa before Wednesday at. 10:00.
  • We have received emails about the lack of a product in the refrigerator, what should we do about it?
    • Determine whether the product is missing from the fridge and if it does - replenish.
  • Should we fill up or clean coffee machine?
    • This does not belong to theduks group duties. If you are very interested in cleaning coffee machine, please contact TREO'en.
  • We are not at university or are prevente of some reason to replenish the refrigerators, in some of the days we have to be duks. What do we do?
    • Contact TREO'en, so we will try to find a solution.
  • How does the refrigerator pointer in cluster 2 work?
    • Each Monday empty the refrigerator the magnet plate (called pointer) sits on and move the pointer. Refrigerators are numbered 0, 1 and 2 When / / p / / is the number of the refrigerator the pointer is on, then / / p '/ / = (/ / p / / + 1)% 3 On Monday emptied refrigerator / / p / / and pointer from / / p / / moved / / p '/ /.
  • We have been recieved the duks mail, but is not a member of F-klub, what should we do about it?

Questions from the duks group, which was not answered in this FAQ, please send to Treo@fklub.dk.

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