Will this FAQ ever come in English?

Yes, here it is!

Is F-klubben secret?


Is F-klubben primarily for humans?

Yes, some!

Is it allowed to be linguistically incorrect in F-klubben?


Is it allowed to answer complex questions with a simple yes ?


Can I be allowed to do volunteer work for F-klubben?


Can I be allowed to do involuntary work for F-klubben?


Does one become a better person from joining F-klubben?

Yes, of course.

Is the probability of getting a masters degree increased by joining F-klubben?

Yes, by approximately 5000%

Are there any financial advantages of joining F-klubben?

Yes, cheap soda and beer.

Does F-klubben have a foin collection?


Can you lose 9 of 3 games and still get 10 points?


Is one forced to eat pumpernickel in F-klubben?

No, only if you are a mathematician….

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