Fob - DFA Bob

Rules - Suggestions and comments

  • (Suggestion from Arild) Dropping a black puck should perhaps result in a harsher punishment. Let the opponent decide if it counts as a red or green character.
  • (Suggestion from Raabjerg) Maybe relax/remove the consecutive side rule, let each player occupy two opposing sides at once, and decide which they want to shoot from. People often forget where they have to shoot from.


Islands of Acceptance

Type: Tug of War
Comment: Try not to get lost.

Pit of Trials

Type: Reject Match
Comment: Push your enemies to their doom!

Ring of Discards

Type: Tug of War
Comment: "Circular Tug of War"... How does that work?

Three G in a Row

Type: Reject Match
Comment: Green, red - *Damn*. Green, green, red - *Damn Damn*. Green, red - *Damn damn damn*!

Tough Choices

Type: Tug of War
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