Hver onsdag kl. 10:00 er der fredagsfranskbrød i kantinen. Der er 2 stykker franskbrød til hvert medlem af F-Klubben. Dette indebærer at ikke-medlemmer IKKE tager franskbrød.

Det er som udgangspunkt ikke lovligt at tage franskbrød til andre end sig selv, da meningen er at skabe socialt samvær.

Here is an pseudo-algorithm to follow:

if notmember(f-club) goto notmember;
if (today==wednesday) and (time between 10:00 and 10:20) then
  Go to the``kantinen''
  Take your two(!) pieces of franskbrød
  Put butter on them if you are so inclined
  Stay and chat for a while
  Go back to work
goto end

wait until (today==friday) and (time between 12:00 and 12:30)
go to the new ``Hunter Livingroom''
join the f-club for kr 200,-

The bright people have noticed that taking a lot of pieces, so you can feed your whole group is NOT an option. And, Taking franskbrød to a „faggruppe“ is not an option either. The only excuse for not going to the „kaffestue“ to get your own franskbrød is if you are in another building. (Note, the 10am restriction still applies!). Those were reasons to take more than your two pieces.

So, just to summarize; One person collects two pieces of franskbrød, not more.

These rules might seem harsh, but they are actually made so everybody meet and are social.

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