Lennarth Rauff Mathiassen aka. Flennarth

Our dear friend and colleague Lennarth Rauff Mathiassen recently passed away at age 26. Lennarth graduated with a Master's Degree in Computer Science from Aalborg University in September 1998, and had just started a promising career as a Software Engineer in the private sector.

Lennarth was a long time member of the F-Staff-Student Committee and a founding member and chairman of AASI (the students' sport organisation). As a member of the F-Club, he was the driving force behind many social events at the university. Among his many activities at the Institute of Computer Science were participation in Initiv (the branch of the F-Club responsible for social arrangements ), and Fnüt (the departmental magazine). He founded FLOTTO, a group dedicated to winning money in the state lottery for sending the F-Club on an excursion to Hawaii, and held the chair from 1995-98. Lennarth was also co-initiator of the Candidate Network 1998, which maintains contact between the graduate students of 1998. In 1998, Lennarth received an honorary membership of the F-Club in recognition of his many efforts on behalf of his fellow students.

Lennarth enjoyed being around other people and his extrovert personality and sense of humour made him well-liked. Above all, Lennarth will be remembered for his high spirits, positive attitude, and commitment to his friends and colleagues.

We will miss you.

[Kilde: http://voop.free.fr/Lennarth/index.shtml]

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